Tricia Spencer Firing Update

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Tricia Spencer Firing Update

Postby DSAldridge » Wed Jul 27, 2011 11:03 am

I can now confirm positively that Tricia is NOT an FW. Leaving that on her profile is an attempt to keep people from knowing that she has been completely fired by MK himself and to make it appear she has just stepped down from the TE position. The offending post was removed from my Goodbye thread. I've seen positive proof in MK's own words that her writing privileges have been revoked. He also initiated further and very SNARKY communication with her, and mentioned me with my name in parentheses, as if it were some kind of joke. This is the post that got her fired.

I'm sorry for the situation, J.C., but if it's any comfort, you weren't the first, and I don't suspect you will be the last, to depart over the new TE responsibilities, or strangling lack of thereof. So many shared your hope and dreams of cleaning up the site, but it's becoming ever more apparent that such a cleansing is not Suite's true goal, and the concept of "building" a topic into a destination site is looking more and more like a pipe dream. It's heartbreaking, to a lot of us, even to many you see putting on a happy face. In private...not so happy.

Whatever you choose to do, I truly wish you well. You have talent. Suite is foolish to so easily let it go.

I know a lot of the Rah-Rah MP's read here, so give Mr. Kedda this message from all of us, past and present, active and banned writers...FUCK YOU!!! You make Jason Calacanis look intelligent, and that's saying a lot. You are an insufferably arrogant narcissistic boob and do not deserve the position you hold. You have driven a once great site into the ground, and I pray that karma comes to you swiftly and mercilessly. No doubt the new site will flop as badly as this one has under your leadership.

I wish Tricia would come over here and post the whole story, because it is much worse than it looks from this limited perspective. I have all the facts, but without her written permission, I will not and cannot (legally) tell you what they are.

WE LOVE YOU, TRICIA! You are too good for Suite, and always were. Leave it to the Rah-Rah's and go write your book.
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Re: Tricia Spencer Firing Update

Postby mostprobablies » Wed Jul 27, 2011 11:25 am

Oh man...I'm sorry Tricia. I hope you're reading here. You were always someone who was so nice even when you disagreed. You were the shit, woman.

Anyone talk to her? She doing OK? I know she worked very hard in her section. That's so fucked up. There was nothing wrong with that post. I guess Suite's forums have turned from a place where you can speak your mind even if they didn't agree to only saying happy things. That's fucked up, but that's what this place if for. It's bullshit they got rid of her for that. Total bullshit.

Dear Suite101 staff: If you only allow the people who blow rainbows and sunshine up your ass, you're never going to get the truth.
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Re: Tricia Spencer Firing Update

Postby I'm Done » Wed Jul 27, 2011 12:17 pm

Jesus! After seeing the initial firing thread on MPS, I tried to find a post on Suite's forum that got her fired. I actually saw this particular post and never thought it would get someone fired. Since I couldn't find anything questionable, I simply assumed Suite admins must have already deleted the "offending" post. Apparently I was wrong.

What a fucking shame!

mostprobablies wrote:Dear Suite101 staff: If you only allow the people who blow rainbows and sunshine up your ass, you're never going to get the truth.

Obviously they don't want the truth, or at least certainly not in their public forum where all writers can find out about their fucked up policies.
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Re: Tricia Spencer Firing Update

Postby Esmerelda » Wed Jul 27, 2011 12:53 pm

This is probably (sans most) the worst decision he's ever made. I expect many will follow and I'm considering leaving myself. I wonder if Barbara's departure has anything to do with this as he appears to be on a bit of a killing spree, either that or on the verge of a breakdown. I'm just shaking my head -- can't believe what's happened over the past few days.

J.C. aka Deb, sorry your hand was forced. Be happy.
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Re: Tricia Spencer Firing Update

Postby raggedyann » Wed Jul 27, 2011 7:03 pm

Maybe MK doesn't possess the know-how to remove her title from FW to the dreaded Contributor title. I wouldn't be surprised about that at all. He appears rather 'limited.' He seems not to know much of anything, in my perpective, unless JTroll or Lima Bean was holding his hand while he did a live question a chat-about session and going out to get a plate for him--poor soul to work for three solid hours. Remember that Panda chat? All those verbose promises? And how all the cheerleaders wanted him to go home and get a nap? His poor little typing fingers--and there was JTroll and Lima Bean talking about poor MK, how hard he worked to answer questions. (but they weren't really answers, now were they>)

Oh wait, he canned JTroll and Lima Bean. Poor brunettes with bangs, just like their MK leader.

Where did they find that dude anyway??
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