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Re: Talk about the douchebaggery

Postby wannashootsomebody » Sun Jul 31, 2011 10:02 pm

raggedyann wrote:I've been doing alright with AC/Yahoo.

I've spent a lot of time the past few days loading up my old Suite articles, since Suite has now taken them down. I am simply AMAZED at how many hits they are getting since loading them onto AC. I had them saved in Word, so the loadup was easy and I only checked my links etc. Whereas I was getting less than 50 hits most days at Suite, they are getting hundreds now and I have only loaded up about 2/3 since some of it was really seasonal.

Learned my lesson. I only write under a pen name, loaded them under display only, did not even put a pic on them since it is optional there.

Its still only pocket change--but much better pocket change--and much more predictable than Suite pocket change. Also, the uploader is easier than before, IMHO. Those of you that have 300 or more should do pretty good. I am pleased so far--and they have been up just a couple or so days. So if yours have been taken down at S101 then consider placing them at AC.

AC was my first dive into content writing back in 09, and I am finding it ironic that I am there again, at least a little portion of each day. Although I don't get upfront money for Display Only, I can delete or edit anything at any time, and can still out them on a blog. I was a FW for a time and made $15 per back then, but did not apply when they changed over to Yahoo.

Of course it does not pay the bills, but I just like the easy breezy freedom over there at times when I just want to pound something out. A little rainy day money.

AC was my first place to write too. I know people who pay their bills from AC, but they have literally thousands of articles. Sabah Karimi CLAIMS to make 6 figures freelancing, and I remember she once did a video for AC where she said she made $1200 a month there. I may try to get an FW position there eventually, if it all works out. I had a lot more articles, and would have been up to clout 10 by now if I hadn't taken all my DO's down.

And the pennies add up! I'm not unhappy with them right now, and think that Yahoo brought their star up a little brighter.
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Re: Talk about the douchebaggery

Postby mostprobablies » Thu Aug 04, 2011 1:41 pm

I had an iPod article on AC actually go up after Panda. It was #3, I think. It went back down, but it was awesome for about...3 weeks, I think.
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