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Postby hopeful » Sat Aug 06, 2011 12:48 pm

LOL...did I just read that you posted that Suite is the nice forum? LOL Sorry, but I have to disagree. They may not be able to be honest like we are here, but they are certainly not nice there. :P
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Re: ......

Postby secret squirrel » Sat Aug 06, 2011 1:04 pm

DSAldridge wrote:You know, I imagine you locked in a room with no mirrors because you hate yourself so much, you can't stand to look at your own face. It must be very sad to be you. I really feel sorry for people who find pleasure in hurting other people, but I realize that you are a very, very sick person, so I just pity you. The only control you have in your life is here, online, where you can hide your pain behind a fake identity and use what little power you have to inflict pain on others. It's pathetic as hell, really.

Errr..... no locked rooms here sweetie, and enough mirrors for me to check my hair and my face are up and lookin' good. As to fake ids - well, didn't YOU exist under a fake id for ages J.C. Wilkinson as I recall? And you seem to be still doing so today under *other* names..

DSAldridge wrote:You don't have to worry about me, though. I'm fine. I've asked MP to remove my membership here, because it was a nice place until the DSS and Suite trolls invaded it. I have better things to do than defend myself against psychotic people, like trying to comfort my friend, who unlike me, lets people like you get to her.

Errrr again - "a nice place"? One where you took the total piss out people who wrote for a site that you yourself also wrote for and, once you publicly declared your resignation then referred to those who stayed at Suite101 as "sheeple"? Hmmm, those sure are nice words which give fuzzy warm feelin's dude...

DSAldridge wrote:I have to fight every day just to stay alive. Knowing that there are so many vicious people like you in the world makes me want to not try so hard to do that. You are the kind of person who makes people "wannashootsomebody", just like her abusive ex-husband who, btw, cursed her and called her names every day for 13 years when he wasn't beating her senseless.

My heart bleeds - seriously it bleeds....

DSAldridge wrote: So by all means, pick on the weak ones, because you can't hurt me. I see you for what you are, just a sick, pitiful computer nerd who has no life outside of the machine in front of you.

Nerd? Hardly... "no life outside?" Hardly... and I'm not "picking on the weak ones" I'm doing a DSAldridge/JC Wilkinson special :)

DSAldridge wrote: You're probably so ugly that nobody wants you, probably weigh about 300 lbs and are eating chips and drinking soda as you read this. Try calling Extreme Makeover and getting yourself presentable, then maybe you'll get some self-esteem.

Beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder, and there's certainly a lot that behold me :) I suspect the suggestion to call Extreme Makeover is a sort of projection thing on your part. That's what you feel YOU need to do, cos I certainly don't. I aint 300 lbs for a start! Far from it...

DSAldridge wrote:Goodbye, and good luck with not finally blowing your own brains out with all that anger and self-hatred you're carrying around. Not that it would be much of a loss.

I aint carrying anger and self-hatred by any means but you, Deborah, and your *cough* friend wannashoot-whatevah certainly seem to be.

May Jehovah, Moses, Allah, Jesus or whoever your representative of God may be grant you peace and serenity
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Re: ...... Wot The Lady Originally Wrote

Postby secret squirrel » Sat Aug 06, 2011 3:25 pm

By popular demand (i.e. a load of PMs!) Here's what Deb - oops, sorry, WSS wrote and which she later retracted.

I'm sure MPS, in the interests of openess, transparency, honesty and all that crap will let it ride :D

by wannashootsomebody » Fri Aug 05, 2011 8:37 pm
I am so fucking upset! There is a CE at DMS who is trying to kill me. No, really, I have very few articles, and this asshole is changing things and changing them back to give me bad grammar scores. This asshole knows that if they keep doing this, with as few articles as I have, it will throw me into the WEP, and I'll likely get booted off the site. Three other people I know have the same one doing the same thing, and we are both now taking screen shots of our pre-submission articles so we can prove what they are doing.

So if that CE is reading here...FUCK YOU, YOU BASTARD! If you knew how badly I need the income from DMS, maybe you would not be doing this, or maybe you would. Maybe you are just a douchebag. I don't get this kind of shit but from ONE FUCKING CE, and you are very recognizable, so just keep it up, and see what you get when you get caught.

I didn't do anything to you, I'm sure. I can't imagine why you are doing this, unless you are one of those asshole CE's who thinks writers are lowly peons who deserve to be squashed. Or maybe you think you are the editing God, but SERIOUSLY...this is not JOURNALISM!!! GET A FUCKING LIFE and let us make a living! How many writers did you, PERSONALLY throw into the WEP?
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Re: ......

Postby otterpop » Sat Aug 06, 2011 3:50 pm

It is history's gain that you preserved this post, secret squirrel!
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Re: ......

Postby secret squirrel » Sat Aug 06, 2011 4:08 pm

otterpop wrote:It is history's gain that you preserved this post, secret squirrel!

Thank you Otterpop...

But, having reread that blast by DSA/WSS I note two anomolies/instances of irony:

The lovely DSA/WSS said:

Three other people I know have the same one doing the same thing, and we are both now taking screen shots of our

Three? "we are both..."? Well, if it's two you can "both" but if it's three you can't....

"now taking screen shots" is the second part of that sentence. If its good enough for her, its good enough for me and she can't complain simply because I've followed her ideas :twisted:
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Re: ......

Postby raggedyann » Sat Aug 06, 2011 4:18 pm

Okie Dokie. I've obviously missed a lot over the last few days. I know I'm rather blonde at times, but are you saying that Deb and WSS are the same person? Will someone please clarify? I'm confused, lol. My head sometimes gets rattled attempting to figure out who is who. O should that be whom is whom?
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Re: ......

Postby DrearyDays » Mon Aug 08, 2011 4:54 am

All I have to say is WHAT.THE. F***? Drama sucks. Deb, I always liked you on Suite but you need a Valium or something. There is no need to let anonymous strangers on a message board get you frothing at the mouth like a rabid dog-it only hurts you, emotionally, physically, and since you posted under your real name, quite possibly professionally too. Take a deep breath, a walk, something..and calm down. I really don't give a damn if you and "wannashootsomebody" are the same person, or best friends, lesbian lovers, aliens from Mars, whatever. If you are the same person well to each their own, whatever frosts your cake. *shrug*
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