More Danielle Drama

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More Danielle Drama

Postby Karma4mh » Mon May 09, 2016 6:37 am

Good Lord-she flunked her Real Estate exam FOUR TIMES! No word on if she passed it the 5th time...but if she did don't you think she would have crowed about it?
I don't know one person who didn't pass it on the first try..not one!
Her cat had kittens (what a surprise right)?
They were born April 5th and now she says they are ready to be really? With no vaccinations? at a bit under 5 weeks old?
8 weeks you moron they should stay with the Mother cat for 8 weeks!
Oh and it looks like she is down to only one dog-the new MALTSHEE.( Maltese and Shih -Tzu cross-AKA a mutt)
And she is peddling a new kind of jewelry...
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